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Portable calibration rigs SPU-3

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Portable calibration rigs of SPU-3 series are used for calibration of utility and household gas meters of standard sizes G1.6-G25 on site without dismounting.


  • Equipment compactness allows arranging the rig in one portable case;

  • Fully automated calibration procedure;

  • Wide dynamic range of flow rates 1:1,000;

  • Autonomous operation from the integrated power supply source up to 10 h;

  • The integrated printer for printing out the calibration protocol on site;

  • The rig's software allows keeping an archive of calibrations;

  • Data uploading to a PC via a USB-connector.

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Metrological performance 
SPU-3-16 SPU-3-25 SPU-3-40

Range of reproduced calibration flow rates, m3/h

from 0.016 to 16 from 0.025 to 25 from 0.04 to 40

Limits of permissible relative error of the rig during measurement of gas volume in working conditions, %


Limits of permissible relative error of the rig during measurement of gas volume, reduced to standard conditions, %


Limits of permissible absolute error during temperature measurement, °C


Limits of permissible reduced error during direct overpressure (absolute pressure) measurement, %


Overpressure of measured medium in pipeline, kPa


Time of autonomous operation from internal power supply source, h, not less than:

Weight, kg: 15
Overall dimensions, mm: 460х340х150
Average mean time between failures, hours, at least: 12 000
Average service life, years, at least: 12

Certificate of type approval - Armenia (RUS)

Certificate of type approval - Belarus (RUS)

Certificate of type approval - Kazakhstan (RUS)

Certificate of type approval - Kyrgyzstan (RUS)

Certificate of type approval - Turkmenistan (RUS)